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American Leptospirosis Research Conference History

Proceedings of the Organizational Meeting of the Leptospirosis Research Conference held at Hamilton Hotel, Chicago, Illinois, November 29 and 30, 1958.

Historical -

During 1958 considerable interest in an annual research meeting was indicated by persons actively engaged in research on leptospirosis. Similar types of meetings such as the Brucellosis Research Conference and the Bloat Conference have proved to be very successful in planning of research and discussion of research results. In order to get this project started a number of people suggested that the Animal Disease and Parasite Research Division of ARS accept the responsibility for calling a meeting. Accordingly, some thirty individuals who were known to have been working in this field were contacted and arrangements were made for meeting rooms at the Hamilton Hotel in Chicago on November 29 and 30. Thus, the meeting was held immediately before the Research Workers Conference at a time when many people were to be in Chicago. It was hoped that this would simplify attendance for those interested.

First Annual Meeting

First session November 29, 1958

The first meeting was held in the Green Room of the Hamilton Hotel. The group was called to order at 10 A.M. by D. E. Hughes. There were 19 persons in attendance. Dr. C. A. Manthei, executive secretary of the Brucellosis Research Conference, related the historical background of the brucellosis group. He recommended that if this group should decide to organize a similar plan be followed. Dr. H. W. Johnson, Director of ADP pledged the cooperative assistance of the Division. Dr. C. G. Grey, representing the Office of Experimental Stations, made a few comments on the interest and position of his office in relation to research groups of this type.

Dr. Erskine V. Morse was asked to chair the meeting. It was the general consensus of the group that since so many had not been acquainted previously, it would be preferable to delay formal organization until the following day. Accordingly, the discussion of research work was begun and continued throughout the remainder of the day.

Second session November 30, 1958

Initial discussions were related to research. Toward the end of the morning Chairman Morse halted the discussions and called the organizational question. The group agreed to the committee structure as indicated below. A nominating committee was appointed and consisted of L. C. Ferguson, Chairman, E. H. Bohl, L. E. Hanson, and D. E. Hughes. The committee met and nominated chairmen for the various committees, a chairman for the conference and the executive-secretary. The nominations were approved unanimously.


Genus Leptospira - Chairman: A. D. Alexander (term expires 1960)

Propagation and Nutrition - Chairman: C. D. Cox (term expires 1959)

Diagnositic Procedures - Chairman: E. E. Roth (term expires 1960)

Immunology and Therapeutics - Chairman: S. G. Kenzy (term expires 1959)

Mechanism and Course of Infection - Chairman: R. L. Morter (term expires 1960)


Conference Chairman: E. V. Morse (term expires 1959)

Executive-secretary: D. E. Hughes (term expires 1959)

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is composed of the working committee chairmen, the Conference chairman and the Executive-secretary.


The purpose of the Leptospirosis Research Conference is to provide a place for persons actively engaged in leptospirosis research to openly discuss current research results and probems. Discussions are to be informal and the information divulged in the discussion is confidential in nature.