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Announcing the 2003 Meeting of the American Leptospirosis Research Conference (ALRC), which will be held in Washington, DC in conjunction with the 2003 American Society for Microbiology General Meeting.

For over forty years, ALRC meetings have been an opportunity for microbiologists, epidemiologists, veterinarians, clinicians, basic researchers, public health and industry representatives working in the leptospirosis field to meet together. As stated in the proceedings of the first ALRC meeting in 1958, "The purpose of the Leptospirosis Research Conference is to provide a place for persons actively engaged in leptospirosis research to openly discuss current research results and problems. Discussions are to be informal and the information divulged in the discussion is confidential in nature." Click here for historical information about the first ALRC meeting.

Linking the ALRC meeting with the American Society for Microbiology General Meeting provides a common ground for both the animal and human health aspects of the leptospiral field. It should be noted that ASM has recently added a Division of Animal Health Microbiology (Division Z). Click here for more information about ASM Division Z.

The ALRC 2003 Meeting Organizing Committee is now being formed. If you have comments or suggestions about this website, the ARLC 2003 meeting, or are interested in the ALRC or the ALRC 2003 meeting and would like to receive ALRC announcements by electronic mail, please send an Email message to: dhaake@ucla.edu